An elected body of 21 lay members from the parish membership in good standing whose responsibility is to live and uphold the Orthodox faith and assist the Presiding Parish Priest in the administration and well being of the parish.

Monthly meetings are held at 7:30 p.m., usually on the third Tuesday of the month.

Executive Board 

Paul Rentzelos: President

Owen Field: Vice President

Michael Savidis : Recording Secretary

Eugenia Splinter: Corresponding Secretary

Tasos Stamatis:Treasurer

Theodora Diolitsis: Assistant Treasurer

Dean Diamantakos: Assistant Treasurer

Parish Council 

Georgia Brahos, Andreas Desiniotes, Nick Floros, Demetrios Karanikolas, Achilles Kornaros, George Korolis, Toula Loukis, George Maglares, James Metropulos, John Nikolakakis, Bill Tabrizi, Elias Voulgaris, Tasos Ziabaras 

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By-Laws Revised

Archdiocese Regulations/UPR