Stewardship 2020

Welcome to St. George Chicago 2020 Stewardship! 


Stewardship: The Greek word for “Steward” is Oikonomos, which means “caretaker”. All who are Stewards are caretakers of our beautiful Parish.

Stewardship Goal - 100 x 100: The 100 x 100 initiative is to meet 100% of St. George’s operating expenses through Stewardship giving and offerings from candles and trays by the end of 2023, the 100th anniversary of St. George. There has been phenomenal growth in the percentage of operating expenses covered by Stewardship giving and offerings from candles and trays from 2013 through 2019. We can reach 100% by 2023 with your love and generosity!

Step One: Fill out the online pledge form below. If you already filled out the paper form, no need to fill this out.

Step Two: Click below to submit an online Stewardship payment. Please consider covering some part of the small credit card fee (2.2%) in your donation. You may also pay later by any of the other means selected on the online pledge form.

More About Stewardship

St. George 2019 Budgeted Operating Expenses were about $702,000. Stewardship Pledges and offerings from Trays and Candles covered about 49% of the Budgeted Operating Expenses.

You may also pledge through the traditional paper form (click here for the 2020 Stewardship Paper Form).

Thank you! Eυχαριστώ!